Mozzarella Without Tomatoes

This early into Spring, it might sound nice to have a juicy Caprese Salad. While it is one of our favorites in Summer, sometimes in the Spring the tomatoes just aren't sweet enough. here's 5 ways to enjoy your mozzarella without tomatoes:

1. Spring Pea Puree. Take the freshest peas you can and pulse them in a food processor with a bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and a few red pepper flakes. Spread on the plate before placing your Mozzarella on top. 

2. Grilled Peppers. After slicing your peppers into large strips, rub generously with olive oil. Place on a hot grill until just charred. Salt and pepper on the plate with the mozzarella.

3. Balsamic Strawberries. We love you, Alice Waters! This classic flavor combination is one of our favorites. Take clean, fresh strawberries and top with a good balsamic vinegar and a bit of sugar. Allow to macerate for up to 30 minutes. Place on top of your fresh mozzarella.

4. Make a classic guacamole and serve with your fresh mozzarella on grilled toast.

5. Fresh Herb Pesto - collect all the greens you can from your Spring garden: tarragon, chives, dandelion, mint, etc and pulse in a food processor with olive oil and nuts like almonds or walnuts. Serve generously with your mozzarella and toast points.