Todd's Tuna Tapenade

Have I told you lately that I love our customers? Todd is great. He and Shannon come in regularly and get a selection of cheese, bread and olives. Recently Shannon told me about this tapenade she was making and I had to have the recipe. Here it is! It is simple and perfect for parties.

  • 1 6-oz can of good tuna packed in oil (drain, but save the oil)
  • Grated zest of 1 lemon
  • 1 cup Castelvertrano Olives- pitted
  • 4Tbl soft butter (Rodolphe's would be great!)
  • 1/4 cup fresh herbs (your choice- basil, thyme, dill, etc.)

Put all ingredients in a food processor (or you can do by hand). Pulse, but don't over mix. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Also, you can go lighter on the herbs and see how you like it. You can use a mix of different olives if you want. The Provencal are nice because they add a natural saltiness.

A quick way of pitting olives is to place them on a cutting board and use the broad part- the widest part near the handle- of a chef knife and smash the pit out.

I would recommend adding some of the oil from the tuna jar if you want to play with the consistency a bit. Serve with warmed baguette slices or Nita Crisp crackers.