Each platter is custom made for your needs. We have over a hundred cheeses in the shop that rotate seasonally, so every platter will have a unique combination of meats and cheeses. The dried fruits, nuts, and olives included on each platter are palate cleansers as well as beautiful accompaniments. We can accommodate special requests, but recommend leaving specific cheese choices to the cheesemongers.  

We make the cheese platters on our wooden cheese boards that you can keep or return to the shop at your convenience. You can also provide a platter, just drop it off the day before you need it. We have bamboo knives and wooden baskets for bread and crackers available as well.

We ask for at least 24 hours notice to prepare your platter. Fill out the form below and one of our cheesemongers will contact you to confirm. Platters can be paid for upon pick up or over the phone.

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What would you like on your platter? *
Accompaniments? *
Dried fruits, nuts, and olives serve as palate cleansers and beautiful compliments. They are included in the price but can be omitted if there are allergies.
Any bread or crackers? *
Baguettes can be included with platters picked up after 11.30am.
When do you need your platter? *
When do you need your platter?
We ask for 24 hours notice on all orders.
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What is the earliest time you would pick up your platter?