Bayonne Ham

We love the mighty pig. Proscuitto di Parma is always in our cooler, as is the "best pig on the planet" Jamon Iberico. We are now proud to also carry France's newest export: Jambon Bayonne. 

This ham has been made in Southwest France for thousands of years. There are eight, approved breeds of hog as well as strict regulations regarding the animal's diet, care and regions where they can be raised before they are called 'Bayonne' ham. They are cured according to centuries old traditions and allowed to age, on average, 9 to 10 months. 

Sampling side-by-side next to the Proscuitto di Parma, we find the Jambon Bayonne to be slightly sweeter, with a nutty flavor that was very different from the Parma. 

The United States began importing the ham last summer and we have been enjoying the ham in the shop since early this year. I need to apologize ahead of time that you just might become addicted to this wonderful meat. The Parma, Iberico, Porchetta, Cotto, and Mortadella we sell, they all represent their region. The terrior of the product definitely comes through in the flavor. And we LOVE it!

Here's a little video explaining the process.