Burrata - An enduring love affair.

I know you're probably tired of hearing about it, but we only carry Burrata and it's fresh cheese counterparts like Mozzarella, in the warmer months. Here is the main reason: we are lazy and don't like to turn the oven on when we would rather be outside enjoying a concert, touring a park, hiking, biking, camping....you get the idea! 

Burrata (and cheese in general) is the perfect to-go food. All you need is an ice pack to keep things cold, a baguette, fresh berries or fruit of choice and beverage du jour, and you have a perfect meal. Burrata is creamy and rich without being heavy. At the first cut, when it starts to ooze all over the plate, sprinkle a bit of fresh pepper and a drizzle of olive oil. Tear off a piece of bread and proceed to dunk. As the weather continues to warm, add your favorite toppings like asparagus, ramps, mushrooms, tomatoes, peaches...the list and opportunities is endless. 

We receive our Burrata fresh from the airport every Friday. It's made the week receive it and meant to be eaten within a week. Fresh means fresh and that's how we like it. If you would like us to set one aside for you, just give us a call! We would hate for you to miss out.