15 Cheeses We Highly Recommend

  1. Parmigiano Reggiano. This is a staple. If you think that Parmigiano is just for lasagna or risotto, you are missing out on one of the finest table cheeses- perfect with any wine or beer.This unpasteurized cow's milk cheese is made with some of the finest milk in all of Italy and has been handcrafted since Roman times. Of course, The Truffle Cheese Shop is always the least expensive price in town, working from whole wheels and cutting as much or as little as you need. I will warn you, however, we usually cut a little heavy on this cheese- you'll thank us later!
  2. Ricotta. We are receiving fresh, just-made, Sheep's Milk Ricotta from Fruition Farms on a weekly basis. We love this to finish on top of scones for breakfast, salads for lunch and pastas for dinner. Need a quick snack? My go-to is a bowl of Fruition Ricotta with a drizzle of Tondo Balsamic Cream, nuts and dried blueberries. Not feeling the fresh ricotta? Try some Ricotta Salata made from Water Buffalo milk, direct from Italy.
  3. Epoisses. This is Karin's cheese boyfriend. I love the way he stinks!!
  4. Pecorino Canestrato Filiano. What seems like a simple, plain, sheep's milk cheese is, in fact, so much more! Ours comes from the importer in San Francisco who is actually building one of the largest dairy cooperatives in the region to make this cheese even better! Read more HERE from our favorite cheese guru, Janet Fletcher. 
  5. Cabra Blanca. From Avalanche Goat Dairy in Paonia, Colorado, this is one cheese that is everything you want. The wheels we have been getting this year are super fresh, buttery and perfect with a bowl of Spring strawberries.
  6. Skyr. Yes, yogurt is cheese! Skyr is a traditional, rennet coagulated yogurt from Iceland. Ours comes from Fruition Farms and is made with the healthiest Sheep's Milk you will find. 
  7. Gruyere 1655. Whether you are making French Onion Soup or a stunning cheese platter, this is one of the finest cheeses in our case. Nutty, creamy, rich and full of those 'flavor crystals' you love.
  8. Grafton 2 year Cheddar. Grafton, Vermont, is one of our favorite places in the United States. Green, rolling hills next to a babbling river in Southern Vermont is home to one of Rob's family favorites. This cheddar makes the best quesadillas! 
  9. Brillat Savarin. When you can eat a cheese with a spoon, you know you have found Heaven on Earth! But, don't forget to eat the rind. Want to be even fancier, add some truffle paste to your baguette.
  10. Courrone du Touraine. This cheese used to be (and hopefully will be again) covered with ash. Close your eyes and each bite of this cheese transports you to Loire Valley, France. Chalky, earthy, creamy and amazeballs!! Thanks again, Rodolphe le Meunier.
  11. Roquefort. One of the best blue cheeses on the planet. Always unpasteurized, sheep's milk, always from the limestone caves of Roquefort, France. Always a perfect cheese!
  12. Beurre du Barratte. Technically not a cheese, but still one of the best products in the case. Rob calls it 'butter flavored butter'. 
  13. Brie l'Original. This is not your grocery store brie. Naturally and slowly fermented curds brings a depth of flavor that is difficult to achieve. Ever have a Brie and Butter Sandwich? You haven't lived!!
  14. Montgomery Farms Cheddar. Clothbound, unpasteurized Cow's milk from one of the oldest Cheddar makers in England, this cheddar is not for melting! Put it on top of a vegetable soup, but we love it with honey and a crusty loaf of bread.
  15. Oriol de Montbru. This water buffalo milk cheese from just outside Barcelona, Spain, is everything you want from a Spanish cheese. Earthy, natural rind, firmer paste with a long, lactic flavor.