Beaufort Ete

Here's the scoop direct from our importer:

"The Beaufort AOP is a cooked-pressed cheese made from raw whole (unskimmed) milk and feature a smooth, pale yellow paste. As its AOP specifies, Beaufort must be manufactured in the high mountains of the Savoie valley of Beaufortain in France.

The milk comes exclusively from cow breeds Tarine and Abundance, faithful to the tradition of agropastoral system with herds departing in spring for the high pastures of the Savoie.

These cheeses, made in September of 2014 are made with late summer milk, rich from the regrowth, as the cows descend from their highest summer peaks. Beaufortains mobile milk machine makes this Alpine milk available to the valley cooperative during the Summer Alpage season.

The rind is slightly tacky and spotted with a dense, rich, nearly sticky paste. Flavors are deep and round, with characteristic grassy notes intertwined with sweet custard and roasted nuts.

The Cooperative Laiterie du Beaufortain began in 1957, led by a group of farmers. At this time, Beaufort production had become very low. As industrialization and urbanization perpetuated a rural exodus, farmers responded by adopting to this new organization to pool resources and produce Beaufort collectively.

By 1962, the Cooperative at Arêches ceases trading and its members join the new cooperative Beaufortain. Over the years Beaufortain leads the effort modernize the dairy production by developing ripening cellars and a laboratory, etc, culminating in the creation of the AOC for Beaufort in 1968.

The Beaufortain Dairy Cooperative has been a major player with the support of INRA (National Institute for Agricultural Research) in the establishment of the first mobile milking machine. This innovation has helped maintain and redevelop in Alpine dairy production.

With more than 50 Concours awards in its 54 years, the Cooperative Laiterie Beaufortain remains an essential element in the lifetime of Beaufort AOP."