5 Things I Learned from Traveling

This is Karin. Mostly, it's me who is writing here...I hope you don't mind if I use it as a food journal, of sorts. Mostly, I don't think anyone is really paying attention, so I can open up a little more. 

I haven't always been a traveler. Maybe I have but I just don't see myself as adventurous. I moved to San Francisco after college and met Rob. Soon after we met, we went to Europe for six months. Most of my family thought I was crazy, but I thought it was great that this super handsome man wanted me to go on this adventure with him. It wasn't easy, but what is? Just about eighteen years later, here is what I have learned from traveling:

1. Leaving your comfort zone is hard, but sitting in the same place forever is even harder. I am an only child and sometimes I have to remind myself that there is a whole world out there with people and places and foods, sounds, music, parks....the world is an uncomfortable place. I experience fear and discomfort then joy and bliss.

2. People are weird. As if it takes leaving my house to know this fact! We are smelly, rude, beautiful, ugly, generous, hateful, loving and everything in between. As soon as I remember how weird everyone is, I stop judging and start accepting. This sometimes leads to friendships, but always leads to smiles and a good time.

3. When I travel, all of the holes in my soul are filled. When I see my family, meet new friends or see new places, I feel more complete. This 'soul filling', which is what I like to call it, feels so good. Traveling fills me up- with joy, love and bliss.

4. You can drink a lot more alcohol if you eat every five minutes. This latest trip to Bra, Italy, we were eating constantly! The sparkling wine we drank throughout the days helped us to digest! I don't think I have ever drank and eaten so much in my entire life. I feel great, though,...no regrets!

5. I love my life. No matter how hard it might be to run two businesses, raise two boys, maintain a healthy marriage, keep friends, enjoy family, make art, clean the house, weed the garden and everything else that seems so unbelievably overwhelming: I love my life. What I get from the people and things I keep in my life far outweighs any difficulties that I may have. 

Today is the first day back to my life. I got up with my family, took the boys to school and got to the restaurant for ordering, emails, etc. Tomorrow I will do the same thing...and the day after that. I have been reminded that the world outside of my own is still there. There are old ladies doing the laundry. farmers milking cows, men picking grapes. I feel so fortunate to be able to live the life I live. I am full.