Morozzo and Castelmagno, Italy 2015

The Caseficio La Boterra is a passionate dairy in the heart of Piedmont, Italy. Do you love those little Il Caprino al Tartufos as much as we do? How about the Cevrin with Herbs? I love those little guys on our cheese platters not only because they're tasty but also because they are so beautiful. The mountain herbs, flowers, dried fruit and dried wine must are produced in the area, dried and sterilized, then hand crusted to the cheese. We get them in the best of shape in their hand-made, wooden boxes. Perfect! They are always a happy sight in the cooler, no matter what the season. In fact, because of their climate, these happy cows and goats are grazing on fresh, dried hay from the property all year long. 

If I were a cheese, most days I would be Castelmagno- it sometimes can offend a lot of people because it is direct, but when you give it the right compliments, this cheese will treat you right. After a winding, twisty, mountain drive about an hour from La Morra, where we are staying, we arrived in another world. This area is making an incredibly special cheese that is only made in this region. The cows are allowed to pasture on high, mountain grass on tall, steep, mountainsides. They are happy, healthy animals and this cheesemaker, La Meiro, is one of the best in the region. They have 15 cows, milked twice a day by one man and a small milking machine. Their dairy and caves are just down the mountain a bit where the milk is turned into quite a unique cheese. The secret: cheese mites! Hungry, lovely cheese mites. These aging caves were incredible. Our dinner, served in their restaurant just above the creamery, was spectacular. Fresh vegetables, gnocchi with Castelmagno fonduta, spinach custard with a Castelmagno sauce and so much more. The best part was their Genepy. This herbal drink is similar to Chartreuse, but smoother and slightly sweeter. It was perfect!