Bra, Italy 2015

Yesterday was a whirlwind. When I look back over my notes from the day, beside all of the cheeses and wines and delicious products we tasted are the words, "Pinball" and "Truffle smell" and "Overwhelming". There is an overwhelming aroma of cheese, earth, truffles and, oddly, roses as well as toasting hazelnuts.

The city is set up into tents. Friday we toured through the Italy tent. It took us 3 hours (and we didn't finish)! There is cheese everywhere. One of the more fantastic tastings we did was with La Casera. They produce your favorite cheese like Tronchetto di Miel, Robiolas wrapped in Cabbage or Fig leaves, Robiola Rustica and more. Dozens more, as it turns out! This table was set up and all 11 of us sat around tasting and drinking prosecco, giving our feedback about the cheeses. It was fantastic. 

Our host is busy making contacts, talking with the cheesemakers, talking about availability and quantities for shipping overseas. There are appointments today to hash out details about logistics of getting cheese from a small farm in Piedmont, Italy, to San Francisco, California. It is fantastic. 

Today we will be tasting more- spending the entire day at the fair. I am most looking forward to seeing the other countries represented here: England, France, Germany, Switzerland.... But, I also have no expectations. I am merely along for the ride!