Karin is in Bra, Italy

Don't even google "Italy Bra" unless you want to see a bunch of ladies in their bras! Instead, let your fingers guide over to "Slow Food Bra 2015" and you will see some of the most magical pictures of cheese, small, Italian villages and the happiest people on the planet this weekend. 

Bra, Italy is a quite village in the North of Italy, in Piedmont, just outside of Barolo and Barbaresco country. Every other year, the international  cheese community gathers (and indulges) in the best cheeses the world has to offer. From the USA, like Many Fold Farm, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and beyond, the cheese selection is incredible! More than 150,000 people from around the world attend this festival put on by Slow Food International. 

So, you may be asking, "why is Karin in Italy?" Reason number one: Why the hell not?! Reason number two: One of our more fantastic Italian Cheese importers is taking me! Reason number three: The Truffle Cheese Shop is a pretty major seller/distributor of cheese. I know our little shop is quaint and cute and tiny (just 650 sq.ft.), but more than 30% of our business is wholesaling cheeses to some of the best restaurants in Denver and around the state of Colorado. We are kind of a big deal....read that with sarcasm, of course. 

I am trying to keep my humility and grace about all of this, but AAAHHH! I AM GOING TO BRA, ITALY FOR THE SLOW FOOD FESTIVAL! So, please keep your eyes on our bLog of Cheese for photos, information and a play-by-play of my adventures.