Beautiful Burrata

Burrata is a Symbol of Summer

When most of our customers think about Burrata, they imagine themselves sitting outside, grilling some bread, eating fresh tomatoes from the garden, stone fruits and perhaps sipping on a fresh Rose wine. Summer is all about fresh cheeses, like Burrata, ricotta, chevre, and feta- rindless cheeses like that.  The Truffle Cheese Shop cheesemongers get very excited about fresh cheeses because they are flown and driven in to our shop direct from the source. When Alex Siedel or Jimmy Warren from Fruition Farms stops by with a fresh tub of Sheep's milk ricotta or Skyr, we all know what we’re having for a shop snack. Likewise, when we pick up our burrata from the airport every week, we can’t wait to give them all a little squeeze. Bring on some Grateful Bread baguette and you’ve got dinner!

As September is upon us- and quickly passing into October- remember that Burrata will be leaving the shop case soon. Get your last few Burrata of the season while you can!