July on Avalanche Goat Farm- Paonia, Colorado

Close your eyes and imagine what it is like on a goat farm. Bleeting, happy goats pouncing around a brilliantly green pasture. The air is clean, the wind is blowing, the goats are happy, healthy and making some of the best milk in Colorado. We were lucky enough to spend the 4th of July in Paonia, Colorado, where the town motto is, "Farm to Table ".

We pitched our tents and pop-ups in the shade near the farmhouse, just a few feet from the milking parlor. Twice a day, these 175 ladies are milked. Every other day, the milk is taken to the creamery, roughly 70 miles through mountain road, in Basalt, Colorado.

The 200 acres of land that these beautiful goats graze upon is completely self sufficient in alfalfa production and water.  This farm is perfect!

Each of the goats is named and loved and cared for because they make the best cheeses! We are incredibly fortunate to live close enough to so many dairies around the Rocky Mountain Region that are putting out some of the best milk in the country. Rocky Mountain Milk!! High Altitude cheese....get some Avalanche Goat Dairy cheese today and see for yourself.