New Mongers at the Cheese Counter

We love cheese and we love people who love cheese. Better yet, we only surround ourselves with people who love cheese. Other requirements of our friends: you must love life, love people, to travel, laugh, eat, drink, explore, you must be gracious and communicate openly and honestly. That is who we surround ourselves with. That is who our cheesemongers are. 

Want to know why our cheesemongers change every so often? Because they love to go back to grad school, they love to go to South Korea for a month, explore the world looking for buried treasure, dip their toes into the Pacific, go on painting trips, spend time with the people that they love and haven't met yet. We only hire people who are driven, passionate, caring and aware of the world around them. 

So, next time you are in the shop and you see a new face behind the counter, introduce yourself! Let them know how much you enjoy stopping in the shop and welcome them into our community. We are all part of this crazy, fantastic, stinky cheese world here in Denver. Welcome Ryan, Ursula and Daniel!!