5 Points Fermentation

When I first sat down with Asia, I was amazed by her glow. I know that sounds kind of creepy, but she really does have a powerful aura and glow about her. She's incredibly happy and strong and healthy, contributed, of course, to fermentation and fermented foods. We are incredibly honored to retail her wonderful jars of fermented Kraut: Soul and Curry. 

Years ago, when our friend Milan Doshi started the company, we fell in love with the recipes. In the years that Asia and her company have taken over the brand, she had developed and grown the intensity of the flavors through cultivating a 'bio-diversity in the soils' as well as the relationships with her farmers. 

When someone describes her product as 'edible jazz', they have our attention. Stop by the shop for a sample and read more from 5 Point's website. You will immediately feel the difference in how you feel and live if you incorporate more culture into your life.